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Grand Traverse County reports first COVID-19 death

The Grand Traverse County Health Department received notice of the first COVID-19 related death of a Grand Traverse County resident this evening. The individual was a male in his 60s who was hospitalized at Munson Medical Center.

“Although we anticipated we would eventually have to make this announcement, it doesn’t make it any easier. Our thoughts are with the family and friends directly affected by this death, as well as the Munson medical staff that provided care for our community member,” said Wendy Hirschenberger, Health Officer, Grand Traverse County Health Department. “This is a sobering reminder that like other regions, we will not escape this pandemic without personal loss. We need to remain steadfast and follow directives to “Stay Home, Stay Safe” if we want to minimize the impact that COVID-19 has in Grand Traverse County.”

As this situation continues to evolve, we remind our residents that our most important tool remains social distancing – a known, effective method of reducing the spread of a communicable disease.

We know that these are difficult conditions. We know that people are scared for themselves and for their loved ones. We also know that we have a strong community that will work together – even with distance – to get through this.

Source: Grand Traverse County Health Department