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Health Department Update 7/14

In an attempt to create a clearer picture of COVID-19 in Grand Traverse County, the Grand Traverse County Health Department will now be reporting out the following information daily via Facebook.

  • New confirmed positive cases from Grand Traverse County residents
  • New positive cases in visitors (or non-Grand Traverse County residents)
  • Cumulative total cases in Grand Traverse County residents
  • Current active cases in Grand Traverse County residents
  • New public exposure sites

The daily report will be posted Monday – Friday by no later than 4:30 p.m. When it is necessary to share public exposure sites, the update will also be provided on the weekend. Please be aware that if public exposure sites aren’t listed in the daily report that means it was determined during case investigations that there were no sites to report at that time. Anyone that is discovered to be a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case will be contacted by the health department.

“In the beginning of the response, we were using our Joint Operations Center to communicate these types of daily details. As those meetings have been scaled back, we have been updating our daily dashboard and posting public exposure sites when necessary, however some people want a daily
summary” said Health Officer, Wendy Hirschenberger. “It is also important to distinguish between the cumulative total number of cases in our county since the beginning of pandemic versus the number of active cases in the community.”

Residents have expressed concern that visitors to our region are not tracked in our data or reporting. Through case investigations with their local health department, we would be notified if a visitor to our region tested positive during their stay. While these individuals may not be included in the case counts for our jurisdiction, we do monitor this and provide the necessary information to the public.

“As time went on, we took notice of the requests on social media for more regular updates. Our community wants to have an accurate picture, including positive results in visitors to the area, so we are providing that information to them,” added Hirschenberger.

Additional stats regarding cases can be found on our dashboard at: The information is updated daily by 4:00 p.m.