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Currently Vaccinating Phases

1A, 1B and anyone 65+

Who is 1A, 1B and anyone 65+

PHASE 1A includes:

  • EMS, medical first responders, healthcare workers, and residents in long-term care facilities. 
  • Now includes workers and those who have direct patient contact and who conduct high-risk procedures (e.g. dentists, endoscopy, dialysis, mortuary service). This group has been reclassified by MDHHS to be more consistent with the federal interpretation of the ACIP guidance.

PHASE 1B includes:

  • Persons age 75 and older
  • Police officers
  • Frontline city, county, state or federal workers
  • Jail and prison staff, or adult/child protective services
  • Pre-K-12 teachers and childcare providers
  • Homeless shelter staff or volunteers
  • Food processing workers (which includes ONLY: meat processing/meat packing plant, processing of fruits or vegetables, dairy processing, animal feed/animal feed ingredient manufacturing, beverage production, production of food packing)
  • Migrant or seasonal farm workers (includes: workers involved in raising, cultivation, harvesting, packing, storing, and distributing)
  • Grocery store workers
  • Critical manufacturing workers
  • Public transit workers
  • U.S. Postal service workers or other delivery service workers
  • Workers with unique skill set not covered above (includes non-hospital laboratories and veterinarians

PHASE 1C Group A includes:

  • Individuals age 65 to 74 years

Where to Go

NMC’s Hagerty Center, 715 E Front St. To schedule an appointment please go to, make sure you are included in the current vaccination group and click the schedule button below. When you come to your appointment, please be sure to bring your driver’s license, insurance card, and work ID so the GTCHD can verify your place of employment. There will be delays in getting more vaccine to our region, please be patient and check back often for scheduling availability.  **Please note, you can only schedule vaccines online, there is no in person registration at the Hagerty Center.**


Review the timeline below to determine what group you’re in and when the vaccine may be available to you and your loved ones. Then make plans accordingly to get you vaccination. The anticipated implementation schedule for moving through the CDC Phases is provisional and will change over time. So be sure to check back often.


Currently, appointments are scheduled based on the number of vaccine doses received from the state each week. By scheduling an appointment, you are certifying that you qualify for the current vaccine group. Individuals who schedule an appointment but do not qualify for one at this time will be turned away from their scheduled appointment.


Where is Grand Traverse County on vaccination?

We are currently in the process of executing vaccinations in Phase 1A and scheduling Phase 1B, for our local COVID-19 vaccination program. The exact dates for upcoming phases are yet to be determined, as they are based on variables such as vaccine availability, shipment capacity, etc. We will make additional information available as soon as we are able.

I am a healthcare worker at Munson, how come I can't register at the Health Department?

Munson Healthcare, associates, organizations and affiliates will be receiving the vaccine through Munson.

Why isn't my loved one's long term care facility getting vaccinated?

Some long term care facilities are being coordinated at the federal level and will receive their vaccines through Walgreens, CVS, or other contracted pharmacies.

I am in group 1A and I haven't been contacted yet. How do I get scheduled?

GTCHD's scheduling form will be available shortly.  Different links will be used for different phases of the process.

I am in 1B, why can't I schedule my vaccine appointment?

The form for 1B will be available shortly.

Why do we have to wait until 1A & 1B are complete before we have our vaccine?

Some of the dates for various phases may overlap depending on vaccine availability.

When will vaccine be available to me?

If you are Phase 1B (over 65 or essential worker), slots will be released in the upcoming weeks. Please monitor the health department website.

I was told that I could schedule an appointment but the website shows no appointments available.

Clinics may fill up fast, but change frequently due to new slots opening, cancellations, etc. Please check back regularly.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please click the cancellation link at the bottom of the confirmation email that you received.

I did not receive a confirmation email, what do I do?

If you are a Charter customer, there is a known issue. Please keep an eye out for the on-screen confirmation when you submitted your booking; your appointment is set.

I can't make it to my second dose appointment, can you reschedule me?

At this time, we are unable to reschedule your second dose. You must be sure to attend both appointments. Do not book a first dose appointment if you know you cannot make it to the second appointment.

Can I get my first dose elsewhere or vice versa?

No, you must get both doses from the same source. No exceptions are being made.

Can I get my flu shot at the same time?

No, you cannot receive any other vaccination two weeks prior to first dose through two weeks (14 day) after your second dose of COVID vaccine.

I have tested positive for COVID/awaiting test results. Can I still be vaccinated?

No, you must wait until your quarantine/isolation is completed.

What are the underlying medical conditions that will qualify me for the vaccine under Phase 1C?

The conditions are defined by CDC recommendations. They are the risks that are believed to have more negative outcomes from COVID-19. You can find the list here: medical-conditions.html